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I've read around in this community and all I can say is, wonderful! This community is really impressive, and i'm happy that such a project exists for the czech language. 
I've been studying czech as much as I can for about three years, but due to the lack of material locally (the libraries locally do not have a very wide language section past French, Japanese and Spanish...) I haven't really been doing so well. 
I've been interested in czech culture and language for a long time, mostly from the influence of my czech relatives, and the goal I've made to myself to find what happened to, and how my relatives still living in the Czech Republic are doing ( I believe their last name(s) are Kincl...). 

As of now, i'm using a program called Before You Know It (Lite) to introduce myself to phrases and verbs, and it seems to be doing okay, but not so well in developing beyond simple phrases. :(

After finding this wonderful community though, I hope I might be able to develop my horrible czech to something much better. I'm so glad this community exist, it really looks wonderful!
Hope to see more of you all soon!
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