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Whoa, I forgot this community was here!

Ok, so, let me try this in bare-bones Czech first...

Tento mesic je NaNoWriMo a psu(??) roman, ktereho je charakterka, ktera mluvi cesky. Bohuzel, ja nemluvim. Potrebuju slova jaka "shit" a "damn," ale taky vety jake "he won't confess, "don't call me here," "I can't talk right now," "this is pointless," "I'm surrounded by idiots," a "leave me alone."


Ok, and in coherent English...

This month is NaNoWriMo and I'm writing a novel where I have a (female) character who speaks Czech. Unfortunately, I don't (speak it well, at least), and I have zero knowledge of the way Czech people actually, you know, talk when they're not writing textbooks. The character is a detective and has a sarcastic and impatient streak. I need (colloqual czech) translations for basic cop vocab words words like "asshole," "shit," and "damn," but also some phrases and/or one-liners for her to throw out like, "he won't confess," "don't call me here," "i can't talk right now," "this is pointless," "I'm surrounded by idiots," and "leave me alone" (and any other snappy phrases you guys can think of!). These will be mostly directed at family members (with whom she grew up speaking czech) or else mutterings to herself when she gets annoyed at people at work (none of whom speak czech), so we're talking very casual, off-the-cuff language.


Oh, and if someone could (roughly) translate this paragraph (one side of a phone call) - again, casual/colloquial:
"No, we're still working on it . . . I already told you about him! . . . Can't this wait until I get home and have time to call you? . . . Oh, fine. He's - yes, he's single. He's also my partner, so don't go getting any ideas, mom. . . . I'm not going to tell you his name, he's sitting right here in front of me and he'll know I'm talking about him! . . . *yes,* he's nice . . . Oh, for the love of god, mom, what if I told you he's gay? . . . Well no, he's not, but that's not my point . . . I'm just saying, he's my *partner,* not someone I'm going to check out to see if he has a nice ass! . . . Ok, yes, he has a nice ass. And that's all i'm going to tell you! I have to go, mom. Remember that whole murder thing? Dead guy, criminal on the loose, detectives hot on his trail? Yes, i am more interested in that than telling you about my new partner. Good night, mom!"

I know it's kind of a tall order, but I don't want to even attempt to translate this stuff and end up with a czech speaker who sounds like she's on crack :)
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