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Come, murder the Czech language with us

all this in hopes of improvement, of course

Speaking Czech Badly
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Have you been teaching or studying in the Czech Republic and 'picked up' a bit of the language?

Are you tackling the acquisition of this difficult language from the comfort of your own home?

Do you believe that Czech is a beautiful language?

Mluvis Cesky spatne?

Are you just dying to practice your appalling Czech, but currently have no one you wish to inflict it on?

If any you answered yes to any of the above, you'll love this community. If not, try it out anyway. You might find you enjoy speaking Czech badly too.

This is a community where those in the beginning stages of learning the Czech language can come and practice their bad Czech with one another via posts and comments. Any types of posts are allowed, and you may do so in either language. If you wish, you can post about your experiences in regards to the Czech Republic (travel stories, work, teaching, studying) or anything that others might find interesting. Please try to be polite and don't flame anyone for horrid grammar or vocabbulary mistakes. It is inevitable that some users will be more or less advanced than another. If you speak Czech on an advanced level, this community will likely bore you, but you are welcome to post as long as you are not (too) condenscending to those of us who are currently murdering the Czech language with our poor skills.

When you join this community, please post a note about yourself, in either language.

Doufam ze bude skvele!